Mortgage Accelerator Marketing


Truth in Equity has set the bar high in the Equity Optimization and Mortgage Accelerator arena. In fact, we not only coined the terms, but have been very successful where others have faltered.


We are always eager to share our story and offerings with industry professionals. To Qualify:

  • Be experienced and/or licensed in the Financial, Insurance, Mortgage or Real Estate industries.
  • You must conduct yourself with the highest ethical standards possible.
  • Endeavor to give the customer the best information and guide them to the best possible solution for their individual situation.
  • Be willing and able to learn our program, attend training meetings, and work closely with our experienced staff.

Whether you work independently or represent a large organization we are interested in learning more about your group.  Our software is easily customized and over the years we have aligned ourselves with numerous top firms, agents, and others to promote this great cost saving vehicle. The Equity Optimization Financial Strategy can dramatically impact the financial future of your customers which will help you grow your business in a unique and exciting way.

If you have an interest in joining our Affiliate program please send an email to Bill Westrom at

For prompt attention: Please have the Subject Line read “Affiliate Request”