What is Equity Optimization™?

Equity Optimization™ is a unique financial strategy of “Credit Line Banking™” cash flow management aka CLB™ cash flow management that is very similar to how your bank operates with your income.  The bank leverages your income deposits into interest bearing activities to earn their income. The essence of the Equity Optimization Credit Line Banking™ cash flow management strategy is the same concept, but its taking place on the debt side of the ledger: the side of your finances that is costing you thousands and probably keeping you from achieving your financial goals. When you leverage 100% of your income against a debt balance that is trying to charge you interest you will save tens of thousands in interest, while at the same time accelerate the payoff of the debt in 10 yrs or less.  It’s your choice on who benefits from your income deposits; you or your bank? 

The HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit):  The HELOC is a vital component of the Equity Optimization™ strategy, but there is much, much more to Equity Optimization than just getting a HELOC.  All HELOC’s are not created equal.  Getting the wrong HELOC could be the difference between success and financial ruin.  We are experts in the national HELOC market; we’ve been sourcing and testing them for over 10 years.  You do not need to Replace Your Mortgage with a first lien HELOC in many cases.  Before you Replace Your Mortgage get a personalized free analysis.  We will help you obtain the right HELOC.  Truth In Equity will help you “Get More Out of What You Own and What You Earn™”.

Who is Truth In Equity
Truth In Equity is the implementation and execution experts of EO!  Our 10+ years of knowledge and expertise in helping thousands deploy Equity Optimization ensures you succeed at the highest level while also protecting the life you’re spending a life time building.  There are critical variables involved in EO that require professional guidance and expertise.

You can find out more by listening to this podcast.  https://radicalpersonalfinance.com/episode-315/

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You Can Payoff Your Home In 5 To 7 Years

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You CAN Pay Off Your Home in 5 to 7  Years™

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